Proficiency Grading

Dear Families,

As you know, Dayton Junior High and High School have a Proficiency-Based Grading model. Below is a quick summary of the foundation of proficiency-based grading. Please take some time to read through the information and talk with your students about this grading system. As always, if you have questions, please contact the school or teacher, and we will do our best to provide you the information you need.

We also want to be clear on the quarter system we will be using this year instead of semesters. Students will have nine-week classes earning .5 credits per class, we are able to do this due to the increased class time. This allows us to meet the credit requirements for graduation and to keep students on track academically. We know it can be confusing, as this is not something we have done in the past. However, this is a way to care for our students academically without overwhelming them with seven classes. Here are the dates for the beginning and the end of the terms.

Quarter 1: Dates: 9/8/20-11/5/20

Quarter 2: Dates: 11/9/20-1/27/21

Quarter 3: Dates: 2/1/20-4/8/21

Quarter 4: Dates: 4/10/20-6/9/21

Proficiency Continuum/Grading Scale: Letter grades will appear on report cards, number scores will appear in the gradebook.

A/5 (Exceeding proficiency) Through extensive evidence, the student consistently surpasses the proficient level and demonstrates an in-depth understanding of the standard.

B/4 (Proficient understanding) The student regularly meets the standard and demonstrates a working knowledge of essential skills; while there are some weaknesses, the strengths are dominant.

C/3 (Approaching proficiency) Though the student is occasionally demonstrating a working knowledge of the essential skills that encompass the standard, and there are more strengths than weaknesses.

D/2 (Emergent understanding) The student rarely demonstrates a working knowledge of the essential skills that encompass the standard, there are more weaknesses than strengths

F/1 (Insufficient Evidence) Student is lacking evidence of essential skill demonstration, and there are significant omissions or errors evident.

I-/0 (MISSING WORK) This mark signifies that the student is missing an assignment or assessment.

*Just a reminder, academic performance will make up 90% of your student’s overall grade. Your student’s personal management skills will reflect the other 10% of their overall grade. 

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