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Proficiency Grading System - Dayton Junior/Senior High School

Dayton Junior High and Dayton High School is using a standards based grading system.  Student grading and reporting is based on progress towards mastery of the standards adopted by Oregon Department of Education.  With the use of the standards based grading system there is more information on the student report card. Below is an explanation of each part of the report and on the back is a sample of the report card.

  • Home Access Center is another way parents and students can view information on registration, scheduling, attendance, assignments, and grade information.  Usernames and passwords were sent home in a previous mailing. If you did not receive this information please contact the office.
  • Google Classroom a blended learning platform for schools that some teachers have been able to incorporate with the use of Chromebooks, laptops, and ipads in the classroom.  This allows teachers to distribute and grade assignments in a paperless way. Unfortunately there is not a parent option (yet) from Google, but in the meantime ask your student to show you the Google classrooms they are involved in.

The numbers below define and match with the numbers on back page


M – (MASTERY) Through extensive evidence, the student consistently surpasses the proficient level and demonstrates and in-depth understanding of the standard.

P – (PROFICIENT) The student regularly meets the standard and demonstrates a working knowledge of essential skills, while there are some weaknesses, the strengths are dominant.

E – (EMERGING) Though the student is occasionally demonstrating a working knowledge of the essential skills that encompass the standard, there are still more weaknesses than strengths.

I – (INSUFFICIENT EVIDENCE) Student is lacking evidence of essential skill demonstration, and  there are significant omissions or errors evident.

NA- (NOT ASSESSED) In some cases students may receive an NA on the report card

2 Course: # of the course in our computer system

3 Description: course title

4 Teacher: Name of teacher

5 ACAD: Overall grade for ACADEMIC REQUIREMENTS set-up for the course and divided into academic standards below

6 PM: Overall grade for PERSONAL MANAGEMENT REQUIREMENTS set-up for the course and divided into personal management standards below Academic competencies are different for each class but EVERY class has the same Personal Management standards that are consistent in grades 6-12.

(PM1) Independence/Initiative

(PM2) Work Completion/Work Habits

(PM3) Cooperation/Participation

(PM4) Attendance.

7 GRADE= Overall grade for the course which combines the ACAD & PM grades into one.

8 CMMT1= Teachers have an option of entering up to 2 comments regarding the student’s grade

9 CMMT2= Teachers have an option of entering up to 2 comments regarding the student’s grade

10 E-ABS= Excused absences for this class period

11 U-ABS= Unexcused absences for this class period

12 TARDY= Unexcused tardies for this class period

13 ACADEMIC STANDARDS= Breaks up the student's ACAD grade into categories specific to the course.

14 PERSONAL MANAGEMENT STANDARDS= Breaks up the student's PM grade into categories.

Sample Report Card

Student Name Dayton Junior High or Dayton High School

Address Principal: Jami Fluke

Address Phone: (503)864-2246


1    Grading Scale: M= Mastery   P= Proficient E= Emerging  I= Insufficient Evidence NA= Not Assessed

Student Name: _______________ Student ID: __________ Grade: _____

     2                           3     4 5        6 7 8 9 10 11 12

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